Maggie Smith — A Biography

Michael Coveney

On-Sale 12/29

No one does glamour, severity, girlish charm or tight-lipped witticism better than Dame Maggie Smith.
Maggie Smith Biography

Michael Coveney’s biography shines a light on the life and career of a truly remarkable performer, one whose stage and screen career spans six decades. From her days as a West End star of comedy and revue, Dame Maggie’s path crossed with those of the greatest actors, playwrights and directors of the era. As Violet Crawley, the formidable Dowager Countess of Downton Abbey, she conquers millions more. Michael Coveney’s absorbing biography, written with the actress’s blessing and drawing on personal archives, as well as interviews with immediate family and close friends, is a portrait of one of the greatest actors of our time.